Hybrid Delivery Model

With extensive combined experience in IT project delivery and support Orbus Insight are well rehearsed in both the advantages and challenges in the on-shore and off-shore delivery models.

It is imperative to have consultants working on site with the client to encourage communication and build relationships but this can come at a higher cost than the off-shore model with limited working hours and greater risk. Not only are both models viable, in today’s competitive market with a broad range of requirements both models are essential in their own right.

Large multinational technology companies and SIs have recognized this and nearly all have established their own off-shore capabilities. For the smaller organisations however, this is much more of a challenge. Without the experience, connections and reputation abroad the risk and potential cost make this unpalatable for most.

This is where Orbus Insight can help, with a strong mix of established UK and off-shore consultants working closely together we offer the flexibility, capability and transparency to address requirements otherwise unattractive to our partners.

Orbus Insight
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