BI Support Model

Reduce costs, improve service and get the full value from your BI

Full support from £29k p/a

Full user and application support from a highly experienced team of experts for less than the cost a single full-time resource.

The importance of effective BI

An effectiveBusiness Intelligencesystem is essential to any successful organisation. By keeping everyone up to datewith yourlatest key performance indicators and trends, a business is empowered to make the right decisions at the right time.

The paramount importance of this insight makes the support and maintenance of a BI platform critical. Any failure to act upon a bug, failed update or user misunderstanding could hurt the users' trust and or even lead to individuals performingmisguided actions and making incorrect decisions.

The challenge of support

After an implementation,even the best BI systems can suffer over time without the right support and maintenance. Let’s face it, finding atop-notch resource whose only ambition is to support a platform is always going to be a challenge.

Orbus Insight is passionate about ensuring the full, ongoing value of BI. By refining the blend of local and offshore experts, BAU processes and propriety collateral technologies, we are proud to offer a service that can be cheaper than a full-time resource and far more effective.

Why Outsource?

Having developed, implemented, nurtured and supported numerous successful BI implementations,Orbus Insight is an expert in transforming businesses through leveraging their data.

Cheaper and better

A whole team for less than the cost of a single employee. Much more value for less cost and less risk. Our blended team of local and offshore experts can guarantee the service you need to get the value from your data.

The Power of Many

By using Orbus Insight's support, you have access to the knowledge and experience of our whole team. We can help you solve issues quicker than any individual or generic support service package.

Doorstep Access to the Advice you Need

As well as our support team, you will gain access to our award-winning implementation team with free, no-commitment advice and appraisals regarding your BI implementation

User Support
  • User access maintenance
  • Phone, Email and Chat support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Clarifications
  • Change Requests
  • ‘How to’ requests and FAQ maintenance
Application Support
  • Application of upgrades
  • ETL and other job monitoring
  • Root cause analysis of issues
  • Bug fixing
  • Synopsis of upgrades and their impact
  • Updates and insights into problem areas
  • L1/2/3 support available
  • Up to 24/7 availability
  • Application review
  • Flexible and competitive development packages available on demand
  • A hybrid local and offshore model for the best of both worlds

Example of Packages Available

Ultimately, we will tailor our offering to your needs but the below represents typical support packages

  Gold Platinum
1st Line Helpdesk Support  
2nd Line Technical Support
Bug Fixes
Daily Monitoring of all automated jobs
Regular Reports on all tickets and issues
Technical Appraisal of Implementation

Why choose Orbus Insight?

  • Qualified,with highexpertiseof Birst and other technologies
  • The experience and knowledge of a whole team for less than the cost of a single in-house resource
  • The best blend of an onshore and offshore team for value and effective communication
  • Highly experienced in a variety of industries
  • A refined support framework for the best responsiveness, tracking and insights
  • 6 monthly reviews to tailor our offering to your needs
  • For more information please email:
Orbus Insight
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